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Companion Cards

At Escape Squad we accept companion cards  for bookings with a minimum of 3 players (one being the companion card holder).


A companion card holder wishing to play with just their companion alone will be required to pay the minimum booking price of a single player game $94.


Pricing reduces depending upon the number of people playing. After choosing your game, select the number of people to play and you will see the total cost. As an indication prices per player are:

2 or 3 Players $46 per person;
4 or 5 players $43 per person;
6 players $40 per person;

Room Capacities

School's Out and The Nuclear Express can each take 2 to 6 players, however, on request they can fit 7 players.

The Adventurers' Guild escape experiences are for 4 players exactly, this room is designed for four players and you physically need four players. On request times we can extend this to 5 players but that fifth person will definitely be a fifth wheel. 


Our games are suited to kids 7 and above, children who are under 7 can come in to the room free of charge and can be in excess of the room capacity. 

We do not take duty of care for kids under 16 and as such if the group only consits of childen under 16 we require a parent to stay on site during the escape experience. 

Refunds and Rescheduling

When paying for the experience, we do not make any refunds. Up until 24 hours of your game, you can choose to reschedule your game online. If your experience is within the next 24 hours and you need to reschedule, it is up to the discretion of the business. 

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  • What do I need to know?
    Well ... There is lots of onsite parking The door will be locked when you arrive, please just ring the doorbell so that we can let you in Please arrive 15 minutes early for your escape experiences so that you have time to be briefed and sign waivers If you have any concerns or specific requirements please contact us
  • Are we actually locked in the room?
    Just in case there is an emergency you are not locked in the room, and you are welcome to leave the room at any time. However, in doing so, you may end the game early.
  • How do I redeem a gift voucher?
    There are two ways you can redeem a gift card: Call us on 9522 1339 or 0468 559 609 and we can take your booking over the phone You can book online. When you get to the page that asks for all of your information you just click the promo button (as seen below) and enter your unique gift card code A few things to remember If you are having trouble just call us You must present your gift voucher on the day to redeem it
  • What can we take into the rooms?
    Just what you are wearing, everything you will need for your escape experience will be provided. Lockers will be available so that you can store all your personal belongings.
  • How long does each escape experience last?
    All games will have a time limit of 60 mins to escape. Please arrive 15 mins before your time slot for a briefing session.
  • How do I pay?
    Our preferred method of Payment is when you book online, however we can take eftpos or cash when you arrive.
  • Should I bring the rest of the family and my kids for the game experience?
    Yes! This is an awesome family activity. It is actually a lot of fun to see how well kids perform on a lot of tasks as they are usually a lot better at thinking outside of the box and have an amazing imagination. Bring the kids, and have a fun-filled family excursion! Please Note Kids over the age of 8 can do the room with adults, however without adults, the recommended age limit is 16.
  • Are you accessible for those with extra needs?
    We aim to accomodate everyone of every ability, but to do that we need a little bit of information to make sure we are capable and prepared. If someone in your group has extra needs please contact us prior to your booking so that we can make sure that we will be able to accomodate. Carers also receive a discount with a carers card.
  • What happens if we get stuck or cannot seem to progress?
    Our goal is to have everyone enjoy their escape experience and actually experience the escape. As such, we do things a little bit different at Escape Squad, you will have a Squad Member watching over your experience, and your experience only, the whole way and when you get stuck they will provide guidance and hints to support your success.
  • How many people can play?
    Each room has its own player limit, please check out the room you are interested in doing for the specific group size. All of our Adventurers Guild themed rooms are specifically designed for 4 people, as such you do need 4 adventurers for those rooms.
  • Can you accomodate bigger groups?
    If you want to book a corporate event we are happy to accomodate. We can run up to 3 escape experiences concurrently and this will allow for up 16 people at a time however, people will have different escape experiences.
  • What are the terms and conditions for discounts?
    In general the terms and conditions are as follow: - Only one discount per group - The discount will specify if it is for the whole group or just one person - Discounts can only be applied on bookings of four or more players
  • Are your escape rooms good?
    We like to think so, and it our reviews reflect that. You can check them out below or on Google or Facebook.
  • Can we add an extra person on the day?
    Short answer yes, as long as you are still under the room size limit. Long answer - We are always happy to accomodate extra people on the day, but our rooms have been designed for the size limits we have given. So, if the room has a six person limit that is because if there was more than 6 people it would be a bit cramped in the room and may make the escape experience too easy. The exception to the rule is The Adventurers' Guild rooms which need exactly 4 people to play due to the puzzles within the room. As such you need 4 people to book and play.
  • Can I leave my teenagers to do the escape room?
    We cannot accept duty of care for kids/teenagers, as such if your group is comprised of just kids 15 years old and under we will require a parent to stay on site. You are more than welcome to chill out in our air conditioned foyer while your kids play.

Our Reviews 

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