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The team at Escape Squad wanted to let our customers know that unfortunately we have been facing some delays due to a range of reasons which has included hospital stays, severe sickness and a death in the family.

We are trying to make every escape experience at Escape Squad unforgettable and to make sure we achieve that as best as possible, we have decided to delay some of our openings.

As such, we are now going to be doing a staggered opening with our escape experiences so that we can give them the attention and focus that they need to be completed to the best of our ability.

The School's Out experience will be opening on time and is currently opening on the 1st of August. We are now taking bookings for this experience.

The Nuclear Express room will hopefully be opening 2 weeks after that around the 14th of August.

Finally, the Adventurers Guild experience will, hopefully, be opening 2 weeks after that around the 1st of September.

While we understand that many of you are eager and excited to engage in our escape experiences, we hope that you can understand that sometimes the realities of life can affect the best laid plans.

We are so excited to be Mandurah's Premier Escape rooms and one of Mandurah's newest businesses.

Thanks again for your understanding,

The Escape Squad

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1 comentário

Kieran Flaherty (Mystery Unfolds)
Kieran Flaherty (Mystery Unfolds)
30 de jul. de 2022

Oooooh... these delays make the anticipation all the more juicy. 😁

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